WHAT'S IN A NAME? WHAT'S IN A NAME?Stellus is the combination of the Latin words “Stella” (English: Star) and “Solus” (English: Lone) as a reflection of our independent, incisive approach and a nod to our headquarters in Texas (i.e. the “Lone Star State”)
20+YEARS AVERAGE EXPERIENCE 20+ YEARS AVERAGE EXPERIENCEStellus has one of the most experienced lower middle market investment teams in the marketplace with over 340 combined years of principal investing experience
$2.1BILLION OF AUM $2.1 BILLION OF AUMStellus currently has approximately $2.1 billion of assets under management
75CURRENT ACTIVE INVESTMENTS 75 CURRENT ACTIVE INVESTMENTSThe Stellus team has 75 current portfolio companies across a wide range of industries
290+CUMULATIVE COMPLETED INVESTMENTS 290+ CUMULATIVE COMPLETED INVESTMENTSThe Stellus team has invested in over 290 companies across a range of industries, providing both senior secured debt and equity co-investments
$7.1+BILLION IN INVESTED CAPITAL $7.1+ BILLION INVESTED CAPITALCollectively, the Stellus team has invested over $7.1 billion in the lower middle market over the last 18+ years