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Stellus Capital Management, LLC Announces Next Phase of ESG Initiatives Through Purchase of Carbon Offsets

Nov 09, 2021

Houston – TX, November 9, 2021 – Stellus Capital Management, LLC (“Stellus”) is proud to announce a commitment to minimize its carbon footprint by purchasing carbon offsets to mitigate emissions that cannot otherwise be eliminated.

In June 2021, Stellus purchased carbon offsets to assist in mitigating its carbon footprint from sources such as employee commutes, business travel, and workplace utilities. Stellus will continue to quantify and offset its carbon footprint from these sources on an annual basis as part of an ongoing focus on environmental corporate responsibility.

“This investment represents an important step in a multiyear process to formalize and implement our firm’s ESG policy. We are proud of our efforts to include ESG considerations in all aspects of our operations and investment process, and to do our part to help the world limit carbon emission impacts,” said Dean D’Angelo, Partner at Stellus.

Stellus purchased credits from Terrapass’ general portfolio, which supports projects such as wind farms, landfill gas capture, and reforestation projects in the United States. Terrapass utilizes standards that ensure carbon offsets are real, additional, permanent, quantifiable, never double counted, and independently verified. In addition to following applicable standards – Verified Carbon Standard, Gold Standard, American Carbon Registry, and the Climate Action Reserve – Terrapass projects undergo an annual audit by an accredited third-party.

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